Water is the key to economic, social, and physical growth. In Sissene, Burkina Faso enormous difficulties existed because there was no supply of water. Building a village rainwater catchment basin (a small water reservoir) provides a reliable year-round source of water. Water helps generate economic development opportunities for residents and sustainability for an easier existence. The partnership between Community Building Group (North America) has helped the citizens of Sissene have this opportunity by completing the construction of a rainwater catchment basin in June 2008. But we don't want to stop here!

The spillway of the rainwater
catchment basin in Sisene.

Give Water Give Life is self-help, led by Burkinabe people for each other. We are in Burkina Faso, Africa just south of the Sahara Desert, where enormous difficulties exist when there is no supply of water. Less than 28 inches of rain falls each year. A properly constructed village rainwater catchment basin can collect rainfall and sustain people the entire year. With water, we create jobs and opportunity for ourselves.

A woman in the garden at the village of Kamsi.

Our first was built in Sisene, Burkina Faso. It holds 6,000 cubic meters (1.5 million gallons) of water. Organization, design and construction took two years. Local residents’ labor built the rainwater catchment basin, which is half the cost. Now they utilize the rainwater catchment basin for irrigating farms & gardens, raising livestock, constructing bricks and buildings, fishing, reforestation, and business development. Schools are expanding with more healthy children. With water, hard work is magical!

Two more villages are organized and ready to build rainwater catchment basins. Our team members in Burkina Faso, are tapping the capability of the villagers of Doulou and Ramongo to build and manage new rainwater catchment basins. One basin costs $85,000. Cash is used to pay for design, heavy equipment, and materials. Villagers contribute their labor. You can help construct new village rainwater catchment basins. No pity please! Your investment will create sustainable results.

Our office photo Ouagadougou.

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